Patricia has been landscaping in the Texas Hill Country for 30 years
She attended Hays County Master Gardening Program
Completed Landscape Graphics, Landscape Design 1, and
Landscape Design 2 through ACC HALT program.

Living in and around the Texas Hill Country for the last three decades,
Patricia understands the challenges we face with landscaping in this area.

She also understands the frustration we have between 
the wildlife and severe climatic conditions.
Having a beautiful landscape can sometimes seem impossible.

There are many ways we can shift the way we look at our landscape 
and be very happy with the results.
One choice you may consider, instead of struggling with a lawn,
that needs to be regularly maintained, is to replace your grass
with other low- maintenance materials.
Rocks, Gravel, and Mulch are all great materials that you can get
really creative with, and have very little maintenance.

You may consider a Patio or Terraced Beds with Pathways and Rock Borders.
Even using different contrasting colors of rock or gravel together
for a beautiful and interesting landscape.

Several strategically placed boulders or large rocks, or even some large pots,
Combined with the right plants and you can have a low-maintenance landscape,
that has a clean, organized look.
Add more plants, add more color and texture and stay low-maintenance.

Patricia has lots of ideas to help you with your landscaping needs.
These are just a few of the ways that you can achieve the 
landscape of your dream of, and probably a lot faster than you think.

Patricia Drawdy